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This is why I am the way I am:

Sono nata and went to school in Italy, but all that sunshine wasn't doing my gothic pallor any good. I moved to a place where the weather was more congenial.

When I was little I wanted to be an interpreter, but somehow I ended up an accountant. I should have known there had to be a catch with a dictionary that cheap. Anyway, despite my professional choices, Satan never got my soul; I work for the NHS and don't get paid a lot of money, but I save the taxpayer at least what I get paid every year, so all in all I think I'm doing good.

And this is why I'm here:

I use this to read fanfic. I lurk, mostly. I have a bit of a thing for vidding, although I'm sort of taking my time with one. I blame RL. Also I never got on with my father and my ears are made of jam.

In short, there's not a lot going on here apart from a few personal rants and the odd, mostly incoherent post I make before I either fall asleep or forget what I was about to say.

Lastly, the friending thing. I am curious. I like reading about what life is like in exotic and foreign parts (including Cumbria) and seeing if anyone else gets as fed up as I do with their grocery shopping. I am liable to friend you if I like what you do and you look like you don't mind, and it doesn't mean I expect you to read my journal. Life's too short to get worried about the internets as well.
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